START HERE! 1: TEACHER SUPPORT 2: IMPLEMENTATION 3: DIGITAL CONTENT 4: EXCURSIONS/INCURSIONS • Teacher background notes • Planning ahead andequipment list • Teaching and learning plan(including safety notes) • Student worksheet • Videos • Interactive • Quiz • Articles • Powerpoint presentation  POPCORN, PIKELETS & CHEMICAL REACTIONS LEARNING INTENTIONS Science Understanding / Chemical sciences / Year 9 In this investigation, students explore important chemical reactions such as neutralisation and combustion and their application in our world. Students will review the signs that indicate a chemical reaction has taken place and then apply this knowledge to their investigations. Learning Intentions Students will be able to: • recall the signs that a chemical reaction has taken place; • explain the formation of new substances in a chemical reaction is due to a rearrangement of the atoms; • investigate changes to determine if a chemical reaction has taken place; • plan appropriate investigation methods to determine which combination of ingredients produces a gas and the impact of stirring on chemical reactions in pikelets, taking account of fair testing; • make careful and accurate observations; • construct conclusions based on evidence; • describe examples of important chemical reactions. How to use a CLE The Science ASSIST project is supported by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training through the Mathematics and Science Participation Program.