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Submitted by sat on 04 July 2014

According to AS/NSZ 2243.1:2005, Safety in laboratories, Part 1: Planning and operational aspects it is a mandatory requirement that food and drink for human consumption shall not be handled, stored, prepared or consumed in a laboratory or preparation area. In addition fridges, freezers, ovens and microwave ovens that are used in laboratories or are used to store laboratory materials are prohibited from being used for food and drink for human consumption. It is recommended that these should be labelled accordingly (S4.1)

Safety must be a priority in the science area. Laboratory surfaces, equipment and glassware can all be a source of contamination from chemical and/or biological material from previous classes. Safe work practices adopted in science should include no eating or drinking in the Laboratory.

The best basis for planning safety in the laboratory is to consider in advance the consequences of every action. Routine safety procedures and behavioural management processes ensure safe work habits and practices for staff and students.  Safe conduct in the laboratory applies to everyone in the laboratory.

Some suggestions are:

Have fun but stay safe in science!

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