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Submitted by sat on 16 November 2017

Science ASSIST is not able to make recommendations for specific products nor undertake extensive research on this topic. It is essential that schools consider the Australian laws that cover the use of drones. It may be helpful to consult your local teacher/technician association for feedback on specific models. We recommend that you consider the information in the following links, which contain relevant information:

Australian law regarding drones:

‘Flying drones/remotely piloted aircraft in Australia’, Civil Aviation Safety Authority website,  (14 November 2017) – legal considerations from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

‘Drones and Australian law’, Choice website,  (16 June 2017) – legal considerations.

‘Australian Drone Laws: What You Need To Know Before Taking To The Skies’, Gizmodo website,  (28 December 2016) – more on the legal considerations.

Drones in schools:

‘Flying drones at school: What do you need to know?’, School Governance website, (8 September 2016) – information on flying drones in the school context.

‘Drones in schools: Education reaching new heights’, EducationHQ website,  (24cMay 2016) – an article that profiles two schools and their drone programs.

ASTA. 2016. Drones, Droids and Robots. A resource book of ideas for National Science Week 2016.  – contains a case study of a school and information on the use of drones.

Buying a drone:

‘What to consider when buying a drone’, Canstar Blue website,  (20 April 2017) – outlines what to consider when buying a drone including the legalities, inclusion of a camera and a selection of possible choices. 

‘Drones buying guide’, Choice website,  (16 June 2017) – a drone buying guide with product reviews.