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Chemical Store Ventilation

Submitted by sat on 22 November 2019

We are not aware of any guidance material, such as Regulations, Australian Standards or Codes of Practice, that set out how often the ventilation in a chemical store should be tested. However, the Model Work Health and Safety Regulations do require that control measures be maintained and reviewed to ensure that they are effective.1

‘37 Maintenance of control measures

A duty holder who implements a control measure to eliminate or minimise risks to health and safety must ensure that the control measure is, and is maintained so that it remains, effective, including by ensuring that the control measure is and remains:

  1. fit for purpose; and
  2. suitable for the nature and duration of the work; and
  3. installed, set up and used correctly.’1

‘Maintenance of control measures may include: …preventative maintenance and testing programs for engineering controls such as ventilation systems, fire alarms and sprinkler systems.’2

Ventilation systems should be maintained, but the legislation is not prescriptive about how this is done. It is up to school systems to have testing and maintenance schedules in place.

It is reasonable and practical for schools to test the efficiency of the exhaust fan in the chemical store at the same time as the fume cupboard has its annual testing.


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