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Answer by labsupport on question Should shared safety glasses be decontaminated after each use?

Submitted by sat on 13 March 2020

This is a very challenging situation in the current health crisis with Coronavirus (COVID-19). We have previously made some recommendations regarding the cleaning of safety glasses in an answer regarding 'Safety glasses and assessing risks', see

A conversation with Health Direct1 confirmed that there is no established protocol for cleaning shared safety glasses, so they suggested good general cleaning practices and the need for good handwashing and hygiene.

Health direct:

Science ASSIST recommends that schools familiarise themselves with good information about the Coronavirus, in particular how it spreads and actively encourages good hygiene practices to protect against infections. E.g. have posters on How to wash and dry hands2

As the situation is continuously changing, see the latest updates from the Australian Government Department of Health regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19):

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