Chemical Labelling

Chemical Labelling: Are there any alternatives to using Chemwatch for labelling?

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Publication Date: 06 November 2014
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Answer by j.turnbull on question Chemical Labelling

In school science departments, many chemicals and solutions are repackaged into small bottles and jars for use in the classroom situation. This requires having special labels to suit the size of the container that complies with legislation required for hazardous chemicals. Apart from the need for small labels, a further complication to labelling is that, as schools often use diluted solutions, the hazard information changes according to concentration. Science ASSIST has produced an Information sheet AIS: Labels for school science chemicals which contains detailed information regarding labelling requirements.

One option currently available for labelling small bottles is provided by Chemical Label Maker 5, a chemical labelling and management system, which is GHS compliant and developed by schools science supplier Omega Scientific Pty Ltd: . We understand this is available in a free trial version.

In suggesting this option, it is noted that Science ASSIST is not endorsing this or other commercial products, and the onus remains with schools to determine the suitability of such products for their own use.


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