Disposal of Agar plates

Disposal of Agar plates: After reading your procedure on making agar plates, I found that the procedure was unable to give me any specific information on the disposal of used plates with live cultures. This issue came up after a discussion with some of my colleagues on safe use and disposal of agar plates with live cultures, so we looked up the Science Assist website. This request is not urgent, as I have been able to get this information by talking to technicians in my state organisation, but it would be great to have some safe operating procedures for handling and disposal on the site.

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Publication Date: 09 December 2014
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Answer by barney41 on question Disposal of Agar paltes

Thank you for your feedback. Science ASSIST is a new science advisory service for school laboratory technicians and teachers. We are continuing to develop additional SOPs including further information on microbiological procedures. We anticipate that a SOP for the disposal of cultured microbiological plates will be available for the new school year.

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