Electrical standards for classroom laboratories

Electrical standards for classroom laboratories: Hi. Just wanting to find the current standard for school laboratories in WA with regard to electrical cut-off switches.

We have had a look at AS 2243.2:2005 Safety in Laboratories Planning and Operational Aspects but were unable to find any information about cut-off switches.

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Publication Date: 18 March 2015
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Electrical standards for classroom laboratories

Thanks for your question.

The Australian Standard that you need to refer to is AS/NZS 2982:2010 Laboratory design and construction.

Section 10 contains information specifically for secondary school laboratories and states the following:


All power to general purpose outlets for student use shall be supplied through an emergency/master control circuit operated by a suitably labelled push-button, with key operated manual reset, located near the teacher's bench adjacent to the main gas isolating valves.[i]

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I hope this has answered your question.


[i] This extract is from AS/NZS 2982:2010 ‘Laboratory design and construction’ reproduced with permission from SAI Global Ltd under Licence 1407-c117


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