Bunsen Tubing

Bunsen Tubing: Could somebody please tell me what the required length for Bunsen tubing is at present and where this is written? 


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Publication Date: 20 May 2015
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Bunsen Tubing

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A site-specific risk assessment needs to be conducted to determine the most suitable length. Science ASSIST suggests that this length would generally be between 60 and 100 cm. Some science suppliers sell 60 cm lengths and others sell it in 10 m rolls to be cut to suit. The hose must be as short as practicable to prevent kinking, damage or getting hooked and the Bunsen tipping over during use. Consideration must be given to the location of other services such as power points and other potential hazards such as overhead cupboards, posters or other combustible materials in relation to the positioning of the Bunsen burner during use.

It is important to have a flexible tubing adequate for the function. Safety Data Sheets for both LPG and LNG (liquefied natural gas) give instructions not to use natural rubber flexible hoses. PVC tends to be rigid, and has a memory for coiling, which may make the burner topple over. Science ASSIST recommends the use of silicon tubing. Although it is expensive, it generally has a long life span. See a previous question for more detailed information on the types of tubing (i.e., Bunsen burner tubing) and the following information sheet regarding gas fittings: AIS: School science laboratory gas fitting requirements.

Note: All tubing should be checked periodically for cracks, hardening and other damage.

The University of Sydney has produced a good Standard Operating Procedure for using Bunsen burners see http://sydney.edu.au/science/molecular_bioscience/ohs/documents/sop/SOP%...

For further general information regarding the setup and use of Bunsen burners, please see the links in the references below.


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