Lung Dissection

Lung Dissection: Has an SOP been written for a lung dissection?

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Publication Date: 02 June 2015
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Lung Dissection

Update 17 October 2016: A SOP for a lung dissection is now available on the site: see SOP: Performing a lung dissection.

We have not written an SOP for a lung dissection, but we can add it to our list of SOPs to do.

In the meantime, the following information and suggestions may help.

  • Make sure that you source dissection material from a butcher or an abattoir, so that appropriate health department checks have been conducted.
  • See the following SOPs for other dissections as a comparison. They have good guidance for dissections in general:

SOP: Performing an eye dissection

SOP: Performing a kidney dissection.

SOP: Performing a heart dissection

  • Consider suggesting that the students look at prepared slides of stained lung tissue showing alveoli.
  • See a video resource linked to from the Science ASSIST site Biology lung dissection.

If considering conducting a lung dissection, do take note of these specific safety notes: Blowing by mouth via a piece of rubber tubing into the lungs is not a recommended procedure due to the possibility of inhaling aerosols from the lungs as the air is expelled from the lungs. It is best practice to use a bicycle pump. In addition, it is good practice to wear safety glasses in all dissections.

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