Chemical Registers

Chemical Registers: In NSW, what information should be included in our Chemical Register? I have read the NSW Workcover's Code of Practice for Managing the Risks of Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace and in Section 1.6 it talks about the difference between a register and a manifest. Given the quantities of various chemicals we store in the school, is it necessary to have a manifest, or do we only need the simpler register? In either case, what information should be included in this register/manifest?



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Publication Date: 13 August 2015
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Chemical Registers

Hi there,

Your website is very good and helpful for labtechs like us. It is really big task and still done in very professional manner. So congrats and thanks to the team working for this work.

I have suggestion regarding this current topic of register.

Can you please make the chemical register sheet available in excel in case anybody wants to use straight away. 


With regards

Nehal Trivedi

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