Risk assessments for preparation and disposal

Risk assessments for preparation and disposal: Hi, I was wondering if I had to perform risk assessments every time I performed a task such as diluting concentrated HCl. Or is having a SOP for the task okay?

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Publication Date: 18 August 2015
Asked By: Kellee
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Risk assessments for preparation and disposal

A risk assessment should be performed before the first time that you undertake a hazardous task or procedure. It should take into consideration the site-specific details such as staff training, student behaviour (if applicable), the activity conducted and school facilities. It should be reviewed when there are any changes introduced including new people undertaking the task. Science ASSIST recommends that a risk assessment be conducted even when you have an SOP. Although there are no set times that workplaces need to keep these records, it would be good practice to attach your site-specific risk assessment to your SOP that serves as both a record of your assessment, a reminder for the next time you perform this task, as well as a guide for future risk assessments. This does not need to be a lengthy process. The aim is to ensure that suitable controls are put into place to reduce your level of risk.

Science ASSIST has a number of resources that may be helpful.

Safe Work Australia has a very useful fact sheet that discusses risk management and has a section on page 4 titled ‘when to assess risks’ See http://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/sites/SWA/about/Publications/Documents/721/Managing-risks-to-health-fact-sheet.pdf

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