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GHS Labels: Could you please give a detailed example (i.e., a picture of) the minimum legal requirement required for labeling in terms of the GHS, DET, First Aid information and any other information necessary on containers to meet compliance for—

a) Chemicals in original packaging

b) Chemicals stored in reagent bottles > 100 ml for science prep room/classroom use

c)  Chemical stored in 50 ml dropper bottles for classroom use

d) Chemicals stored temporarily in 50 ml dropper bottles or greater (i.e., for single class use)

And, will indicators need to meet the same compliance?



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Publication Date: 10 September 2015
Asked By: Kerry
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GHS Label,

Expert Answer

We are in communication with Safe Work Australia as well as Health and Safety regulators in the Australian jurisdictions where the GHS has been adopted. We have been advised that guidance material regarding GHS-compliant labelling in the education sector is being developed and will be available in the not too distant future. The state and territory regulators are working together to provide a nationally consistent approach to the labelling of hazardous chemicals, however, there still appears to be some differences between some jurisdictions. Therefore we are consulting with each of the relevant jurisdictions individually as each state or territory is responsible for regulating and enforcing the laws in their jurisdiction.

Science ASSIST is in the process of clarifying with the regulators many different aspects of the labelling specific to schools very much in line with your specific questions.

The aim of Science ASSIST is to make a recommendation that will satisfy all the regulators. We hope to have some very detailed information for you very soon.


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