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MSDS update: Should we change MSDSs only because of an expired date, even there are no changes in its content? Thanks a lot.




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Publication Date: 14 September 2015
Asked By: tpavlovic
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Answer by labsupport on question MSDS update

Yes. You must keep a current Safety Data Sheet (SDS) or Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), which is one that has been issued within the last five years. This is required to ensure that you are accessing the correct and current information regarding the hazardous chemical, even if it contains the same information as the previous SDS. The latest SDS should be referred to when conducting risk assessments.

Manufacturers/suppliers have an obligation to provide a SDS when they first supply you with a chemical, as well as upon request. These can usually also be downloaded from their website.  

The requirement for a current SDS is mandatory in Australia in all jurisdictions.

For more information regarding Safety Data Sheets see

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