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I’m planning to run a physical sciences unit with my Year 4 class (forces), and plan to use some of the activities from the ASSIST resource ‘Investigating contact and non-contact forces'.  Have you any advice on criteria to assess A-E? Can you give some guidance about what I should expect of ‘above standard’ work?

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Publication Date: 24 September 2015
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Answer by marianne.nicholas375 on question Assessment Year 4 forces

The Achievement Standard in the Australian Curriculum describes expectations of work at ‘C grade’. Many teachers are still developing their understanding of what to look for in student work that is ‘higher than C’, and of how they might ensure there is opportunity within the task for students to show work that is above standard. In addition, the A–E grading rubrics can vary from state to state and even between sectors (Government/Independent/Catholic) within a state, so it is worth looking at the assessment and reporting guidelines for your context. With that in mind, the examples freely available on the Queensland Assessment and Curriculum Authority might be a useful starting point. The assessment is for a 'rolling car' task, but I think the criteria for A–E grades could be relatively easily transferred into a rubric for the activities in the ASSIST ‘Investigating contact and-non contact forces’ resource that you are proposing to do with your students.

 Go to: download 'The Force of friction' PDF. - ZIP archive, unpacked size 2,939,929 bytes. (The force of friction Continua)

Also, sample assessment, teacher guidelines and the rolling car assessment task:

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