Year 10 Genetics assessment

Year 10 Genetics assessment: We are looking for new ideas for a practical assessment for the Year 10 Genetics topic. Would anyone be happy to share any ideas with us?
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Publication Date: 03 February 2016
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Answer by Julie.Weber on question Year 10 Genetics assessment

Hi Jo.

The Science ASSIST website contains a Connected Learning Experience (CLE) - Investigating patterns of inheritance that might be just what you are looking for.

A CLE is a teaching package that combines all the elements necessary to maximise student learning through single hands-on practical experiences or a series of tasks. There are a number of CLEs on the ASSIST website that are linked to the K–10 Australian Curriculum, which will be added to as the year progresses.

The Investigating patterns of inheritance CLE provides students with a number of activities in which students investigate the inheritance of single gene (monogenic) traits.

The final investigation uses seeds collected from a cross between two plants heterozygous for pigment. Students predict the possible offspring genotypes and phenotypes from this cross, and then collect data from germinating seeds to test their predictions. This investigation provides an opportunity to assess student understanding of the concepts related to single gene (monogenic) inheritance and science inquiry skills.

I hope you find this resources useful.

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