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Getting Appy: Hi all,

Our science area is about to get tablets to replace the aging laptop computers that we currently use.

My question is: Does anyone out there have any useful apps, for grades 7–12 for use with Windows Tablets?

Thanks in advance.


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Publication Date: 09 March 2016
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Getting Appy

The ability to use IT in a science classroom increases the number and types of activites that students can complete. There are the obvious programs that are needed, such as MS Word and Excel (for graphing), however it is always useful to also include a mind mapping app (especially for completing classification in Year 7) and flip apps (which can be used for making card-style glossaries). Others that I have used in my classes include:

Citizen Science (mostly FREE. Good for those students who want to take part in real research.)

CK-12 (FREE. Not Australian, but has videos, images, quizzes and interactive learning for many topics and year levels.)

How stuff works (FREE)

Other apps recommended by teachers include:

Frog dissection ($3.99. For a more ethical biology lesson in Year 8 Biological Sciences.)

Physics: Series and Parallel Circuits ($2.99. Good for Year 9. Students are able to build circuits, compare these to circuit diagrams and complete quizzes.)

It is often worth keeping track of new apps through blogs such as:

Also, consider measuring devices that can hook up to your computer. At my school we use PASCO, which has the PASPort interface. At my recent STA conference I saw other interface devices are now available. It is just dependent on your teacher's and student's interests.

Good luck!

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