Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate: Listed on ASSIST Chemical listing, Calcium Carbonate is listed as a Hazardous Substance.  Is this correct?  SDS's that I have looked at show it as not classified as hazardous.

Which is correct?

Thank you


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Publication Date: 13 May 2016
Asked By: jpleash
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Calcium Carbonate

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  We’ve checked the classification of calcium carbonate in SDSs from different manufacturers as well as other sources and agree that calcium carbonate is usually not classified as hazardous under the GHS and that this is consistent with the classification given by suppliers in Australia. 

We have been advised that discrepancies between classifications in SDSs etc. can be due to the manufacturers or Chemwatch using a different versions of the GHS. We are in the process of updating the classifications in the List of recommended chemicals for science in Australian schools to ensure that they reflect the Australian GHS classifications according to the Work Health and Safety legislation.

Calcium Carbonate


Just wanting to print a label for Marble chips.

Chem supply for calcium carbonate(marble chips) provides a cas no of 471-34-1 which i put in chemwatch to look up the SDS. The SDS has a signal word Danger and Hazard Statements H315 H335 H318. But if you print out the SDS from Chem supply it has no hazard statements. The chemical search in CSIS says it is harmless. It is the same information when I search Calcium carbonate powder. Could you please advise me on which is correct.




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