School Chemical Register

 School Chemical Register: I've just been reviewing our current Chemical Register. I was wondering if I need to have every classroom on the register. For example, the non science, TAS classrooms which maybe only have whiteboard markers in them? 

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Publication Date: 18 July 2016
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School Chemical Register

A chemical register is required for hazardous chemicals which are stored, handled or used in a workplace. This does not include hazardous chemicals which are consumer products that are used in a manner consistent with normal household use, e.g. office supplies such as printer toners, whiteboard cleaners and whiteboard markers, which means that they do not need to be included in your chemical register. Safe Work Australia has produced a helpful information sheet on this topic, see:

All hazardous chemicals should be stored in a secure chemical store and not in classrooms. Therefore the chemicals register would apply to the chemical store rather than to the classroom, where chemicals are temporarily used, rather than stored.

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