Chemical Register / SDS

Chemical Register / SDS: Re: Personal Care products (shampoos, cosmetics, etc.) and foodstuffs stored in the Science department at my school for use in experiments.

Do I need to list these products on the chemical manifest?

Do I need Safety Data Sheets for them? 

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Publication Date: 06 September 2016
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Chemical Register / SDS

A chemical register is required for hazardous chemicals only. This does not include consumer products, which are used in a manner consistent with normal household use. Safe Work Australia have developed a useful fact sheet on this topic, see

As your consumer products are being used in experiments, which is different to normal household use, you will need to first find out if the items are classified as hazardous. If this is the case, then you will need to add them to your chemical register and obtain a SDS for them. If they are not classified as hazardous, you will not be required to include them in your register.

Science ASSIST recommends for school science areas that the chemical register contains a complete list of all the chemicals that are stored and used. This is a good source of information for science staff and is helpful for the management of the chemicals. We have previously answered some similar questions:

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