Copper sulfate waste

Copper sulfate waste: I normally send all my waste liquids to be disposed of by a disposal company. However, I am starting to process it, to reduce the waste.

My question: Once the copper sulfate solution has been treated with Sodium Carbonate and the clear liquid is decanted, what do you do with the solid? Do you send it away with a disposal company, or place it with normal refuse?

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Publication Date: 04 May 2018
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Copper sulfate waste

If you are treating your copper sulfate solution with sodium carbonate, you will need to save the solid copper carbonate waste for collection by a chemical waste disposal contractor.

There are other methods noted in the Science ASSIST Chemical Management Handbook for Australian Schools - Edition 1. (See pdf page 65) You may prefer to consider the method (ii)

(ii) Immerse steel wool in the solution, and thus displace the copper ions. Decant the supernatant from the precipitated copper and flush down the sink. Dispose of the copper metal residue as general waste.

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