Use of Science ASSIST resources

Use of Science ASSIST resources: Do I need permission to use and/or adapt the resources on the Science ASSIST website?

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Publication Date: 26 October 2018
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Use of Science ASSIST resources

Science ASSIST resources:

All of the curriculum and technical resources written by Science ASSIST (including SOPS, information sheets, and major technical resources like the Chemical Management Handbook) are available under a Creative Commons licence (CC BY 4.0). This means that you are able to share the resources, adapt and use them for any purpose provided you attribute Science ASSIST as the source of the material. 

Website material not available under a Creative Commons licence:

Excluded Material (such as content/logos/trademark protected material produced by others) on the Science ASSIST website may not be licensed under a CC BY licence and can only be used in accordance with the specific terms of use attached to that material. If you want to use such material in a manner that is not covered by those specific terms of use, you must request permission from the copyright owner of the material.

Linked material available on third party websites:

Many links provided on this website access websites of third parties. You should determine that the terms of use, including licence terms, set out on a third party’s website apply to the use of the materials on that third party’s website.

The ‘About’ page on the Science ASSIST website provides further information on copyright and terms of use as well as how to correctly attribute Science ASSIST.

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