Subscriptions to Science ASSIST update

Subscriptions to Science ASSIST update: Great news: We have reached the minimum number of Expressions of Interest needed for us to continue our service to schools, however that number is the minimum number required to keep the service operational.

We are still accepting more Expressions of Interest: We encourage schools that have not already sent in their EOI, to continue to submit their expressions of interest forms until 31 December 2020 

Thank you for your support! We want to say a sincere thank you to every school that has already completed an EOI to subscribe to Science ASSIST and support our move to a subscription service.

If your school expresses an interest this year (2020) to subscribing in 2021, Science ASSIST will give you a free subscriber-level account for the rest of 2020. No money will be payable until 2021.

If your school would like to submit an EOI, please fill in this Expression of Interest form.  If you have trouble accessing this form, please contact Science ASSIST.

For more information see About ASSIST

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Publication Date: 14 December 2020
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Subscriptions to Science ASSIST update

Great news: (updated 14 December 2020) we have reached the minimum of 800 subscriptions needed for Science ASSIST to remain viable in its current form. however we encourage schools that have not already sent in their EOI, to continue to submit their expressions of interest forms until 31 December 2020 (instructions below).

By committing to subscribe in 2021, your school will enable us to keep this vital service operational.

Background information

Since 2014 our Science ASSIST service has served over 231,000 users as the national online advisory service for school science educators and technicians. It has been freely available since inception because of generous Australian government funding. However from 1 July this year we have had to move the service to a subscriber basis due to the cessation of government funding.

Many of you who have used Science ASSIST will know the value it provides and attest to this on a regular basis. We now seek your support to keep the service operational by expressing your interest in subscribing to this service. You may have already seen the letter sent to your school and so many of you have already responded, for which we thank you.

ASTA will charge an annual subscription of $150 per Australian school, payable in January 2021. Schools that commit this year (2020), to subscribing in 2021 will have continued access to the online question and answer service, including new, and updated materials, which will only be accessible with a valid username and password.

Please note that as long as the site remains available, content added to the site prior to 1 July 2020 will remain publicly accessible.

To subscribe to the Science ASSIST, your school will need to appoint a contact person, who is responsible for the management of your school’s subscription. There will be one username and password for each school, but it will allow more than one person to be logged in at a time. It will be the responsibility of your school to ensure that the subscription information is only provided to and used by staff employed by your school.

Steps to commit to subscribe to Science ASSIST:

1. Your school’s contact person completes the Expression of Interest form found at

2. Science ASSIST will forward your contact person a username and a one-time login for the Science ASSIST website, after your form has been submitted.

3. Your school contact person will be able to login and set the password; and can then provide the login details to school staff members wishing to access the website.

4. Science ASSIST will issue an invoice later in the year for the 2021 subscription which is payable by 31 January 2021

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