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Safety Data Sheets: I'm wondering if there is a manuscript or booklet that contains all Safety Data Sheets for chemicals in schools, OR do I need to go to chemwatch to download the chemical SDSs for chemicals used our school?

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Publication Date: 08 May 2014
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Answer by labsupport on question Safety Data Sheets

Regarding accessing Safety Data Sheets:  there is no booklet, as such, that contains all Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) solely for chemicals in schools. It would be very difficult to maintain a resource like this with various manufacturers’ SDSs that are all up to date. It is preferable to have the manufacturer’s SDS but depending on the manufacturer of the chemical, particularly if the manufacturer is no longer operating, it may not always be possible.

All the chemicals used in schools should be contained within online management systems such as the ChemWatch database, which is kept up to date.  Therefore you will need to download them individually from the ChemWatch website. If you have several to print off, you can select the ones you require, save them into a folder and then print them off in a batch.  There is an online help section within the Chemwatch website if you experience any difficulties.

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