Bunsen burner tubing

Bunsen burner tubing: What is the new ruling on bunsen burner tubing? I am told the rubber hose is no longer to be used. We use LP gas at our school. Is it now the clear plastic?

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Publication Date: 14 May 2014
Asked By: labsupport
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Answer by labsupport on question Bunsen burner tubing

Many university departments and schools are changing from rubber tubing to silicone tubing for the following reasons: rubber tends to split, become brittle or in some cases soft & sticky and hence there is a risk of gas leaks. There is no directive as such to do this, but it is recommended when replacing rubber tubing to replace it with a suitable alternative. The following points should be considered.

  • The statements in the SDSs for both LPG and LNG give instructions not to use natural rubber flexible hoses.
  • It is important to have a flexible tubing adequate for the function.
  • PVC tends to be rigid and has a memory for coiling, which can create a hazard of the Bunsen burner falling over.
  • Silicon tubing appears to be a very suitable alternative to rubber tubing for use with Bunsen burners. Although more expensive, it has a much longer life span.
  • All tubing should be checked periodically for cracks, hardening and other damage.

Answer edited to include updated SDSs [03/10/2017]:


‘LNG Safety Data Sheet’. 2017. Kleenheat website. https://www.kleenheat.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Safety-Data-Sheet-LNG-.pdf (Accessed September 2017)

 ‘Propane Safety Data Sheet’. 2017. BOC website. http://www.boc-gas.com.au/en/sheq/msds/index.html. (Accessed September 2017) [Follow the links to ChemAlert and search for propane (LPG)]

by Doug Bail on 06 June 2014

Teresa - I have a school which is looking at upgrading some old gas/bunsen connections. Currently old style valves with exposed gas pipes attached to semi-movable benches using LPG. Have you the references to the relevant SDS's, any other advice that I could refer on to the school please? Thanking you in anticipation.

by Teresa Gigengack on 10 November 2014

For information on gas fittings see Science ASSIST Information sheet AIS: School science laboratory gas fitting requirements here http://assist.asta.edu.au/resource/2404/ais-school-science-laboratory-ga...

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