When the Earth shakes

When the Earth shakes
Publication Date: January, 2012
Type of Resource: Weblink

This online resource deals with how earthquakes occur and their effects on the Earth.

This link is to a collection of media resources including videos, games, images and information on earthquakes and why they occur.

The resource covers information on earthquake prone regions, tectonic plate boundaries and sea floor spreading. The resource also has links to articles in archive.

This collection would support the implementation of a unit on earthquakes and volcanoes.

Additional Information

One of the resources is in the form of a digital book with chapters and is to be used online. It is freely available from the ABC Education website; no subscription or sign in is required.

Some of these resources use Flash technology, and will not work on the Apple iPad.

Australian Curriculum:
  • Year 6 > Science Understanding > Earth and Space Sciences > Sudden geological changes and extreme weather events can affect Earth’s surface > ACSSU096