Australia: A Time Traveller's Guide

Australia: A Time Traveller's Guide
Publication Date: April, 2012
Type of Resource: Video/animation

This online resource is an amazing interactive video experience which comprehensively documents the natural history of Australia over the past 4.6 billion years.

It brings the geological history and fossil records to life in brilliant colour and interactivity.

The full video series to accompany this website is also available for online viewing. 

Content relevant to Unit 1: Development of the Biosphere

  1. Fossil evidence indicates that life first appeared on Earth approximately 4 billion years ago (ACSES025).

  2. Laboratory experimentation has informed theories that life emerged under anoxic atmospheric conditions in an aqueous mixture of inorganic compounds, either in a shallow water setting as a result of lightning strike or in an ocean-floor setting due to hydrothermal activity (ACSES026).

  3. In any one location, the characteristics (for example, temperature, surface water, substrate, organisms, available light) and interactions of the atmosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere give rise to unique and dynamic communities (ACSES027).

  4. The characteristics of past environments and communities (for example, presence of water, nature of the substrate, organism assemblages) can be inferred from the sequence and internal textures of sedimentary rocks and enclosed fossils (ACSES028).

  5. The diversification and proliferation of living organisms over time (for example, increases in marine animals in the Cambrian), and the catastrophic collapse of ecosystems (for example, the mass extinction event at the end of the Cretaceous) can be inferred from the fossil record (ACSES029).

Additional Information

Australia: The Time Traveller's Guide is an Adobe Flash-based experience. Download Adobe Flash Player for free to view online through your web browser.

Note: not available for the Apple iPad, which does not support Flash.


Australian Curriculum:
  • Year Senior Secondary > Science Understanding > Earth and Space Sciences