Plant and animal adaptations - ABC Splash

Plant and animal adaptations - ABC Splash
Publication Date: January, 2015
Type of Resource: Unit of Work

This online resource provides students and teachers with material about plant and animal adaptation that can easily be adapted/used as a unit of work.

The resource covers a range of animals and plants and the adaptations that improve their chances of survival. It covers topics such as: how animals and plants are suited to a particular habitat and conditions, surviving in extreme environments and survival strategies.

The resources include: videos; images; lesson plans; assessment opportunities; supporting materials and background information; online resources and links to supporting resources accessible via education portals and Scootle.

Australian Curriculum:
  • Year 5 > Science Understanding > Biological Sciences > Living things have structural features and adaptations that help them to... > ACSSU043
  • Year 6 > Science Understanding > Biological Sciences > The growth and survival of living things are affected by the physical... > ACSSU094