The D-STEM Instrument

The D-STEM Instrument
Publication Date: March, 2021
Type of Resource: Teacher background info

This downloadable resource helps inform the teaching of STEM in schools.

The Draw a STEM Learning Environment (D-STEM) and its accompanying rubric (the D-STEM Rubric) were developed based upon relevant research studies. They provides a way to inform the teaching of STEM in schools.

The D-STEM instrument is useful to school principals in commencing conversations with their school’s STEM leadership team and teaching staff, after their completion of it.

By using the D-STEM instrument, principals can unearth understandings of STEM teaching and learning in their school and importantly, together with the D-STEM Rubric, help reveal the characteristics of effective STEM teaching.

Additional Information

The article and D-STEM instruments were first published in Issue 67(1) of Teaching Science (March, 2021) and were made available to Science ASSIST by the Corresponding Author of the article, Vesife Hatisaru at the University of Tasmania, School of Education.