Melting moments - PrimaryConnections

Melting moments - PrimaryConnections
Publication Date: June, 2014
Type of Resource: Unit of Work

This unit of work teaches how a solid is affected by heating and a liquid by cooling. It includes comprehensive lesson plans for seven structured lessons. Accessed through Scootle.

Additional Information

Links to develop aspects of all 7 General Capabilities are provided in the resource. PrimaryConnections units are designed specifically to link literacy activities to science investigations and encourage students to think critically and discuss ideas. Lessons require creative responses as well as scientific thinking. This resource is designed to support teaching and learning for Year 3 of the Australian Curriculum. By the end of Year 3, students use their understanding of the materials and the behaviour of heat to suggest explanations for everyday observations. They describe how they can use science investigations to respond to questions and identify where people use science knowledge in their lives.

PrimaryConnections is a program developed by the Australian Academy of Science and is freely available to Australian educators through the National Digital Learning Resources Network via either the Scootle website or your local jurisdictional portal. This process requires registration on one of these sites and you will be asked to log in to access these resources.

Australian Curriculum:
  • Year 3 > Science Inquiry Skills > Communicating > Represent and communicate observations, ideas and findings using formal and... > ACSIS060
  • Year 3 > Science Inquiry Skills > Evaluating > Reflect on investigations, including whether a test was fair or not > ACSIS058
  • Year 3 > Science Inquiry Skills > Planning and conducting > With guidance, plan and conduct scientific investigations to find answers to... > ACSIS054
  • Year 3 > Science Inquiry Skills > Processing and analysing data and information > Compare results with predictions, suggesting possible reasons for findings > ACSIS215
  • Year 3 > Science Inquiry Skills > Questioning and Predicting > With guidance, identify questions in familiar contexts that can be investigated... > ACSIS053
  • Year 3 > Science Understanding > Chemical Sciences > A change of state between solid and liquid can be caused by adding or removing... > ACSSU046
  • Year 3 > Science Understanding > Physical Sciences > Heat can be produced in many ways and can move from one object to another > ACSSU049
  • Year 3 > Science as a Human Endeavour > Nature and development of science > Science involves making predictions and describing patterns and relationships > ACSHE050
  • Year 3 > Science as a Human Endeavour > Use and influence of science > Science knowledge helps people to understand the effect of their actions > ACSHE051