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hot air balloon
Publication Date: 26 April 2014

This unit of work reviews the properties of solids and liquids before looking more specifically at the observable properties and behaviours of gases and how gas is used in our everyday lives.

Type of Resources: Unit of Work
Australian Curriculum:
  • Year 5 > Science Inquiry Skills > Evaluating > Reflect on and suggest improvements to scientific investigations > ACSIS091
  • Year 5 > Science Inquiry Skills > Planning and conducting > Decide which variable should be changed and measured in fair tests and... > ACSIS087
  • Year 5 > Science Inquiry Skills > Processing and analysing data and information > Construct and use a range of representations, including tables and graphs, to... > ACSIS090
  • Year 5 > Science Inquiry Skills > Questioning and Predicting > With guidance, pose clarifying questions and make predictions about scientific... > ACSIS231
  • Year 5 > Science Understanding > Chemical Sciences > Solids, liquids and gases have different observable properties and behave in... > ACSSU077
Desert butte
Publication Date: 08 April 2014

This is an interactive learning object designed to engage and support Foundation Year students when learning about the properties of a range of materials and their uses.

Type of Resources: Interactive/Simulation
Australian Curriculum:
  • Year Foundation > Science Understanding > Chemical Sciences > Objects are made of materials that have observable properties > ACSSU003