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Artist's impression of a molecule
Publication Date: 31 August 2014

This online resource details a hands-on lesson that uses models to compare the molecular structure of diamonds and graphite.

Type of Resources: Weblink
Australian Curriculum:
  • Year 8 > Science Understanding > Chemical Sciences > The properties of the different states of matter can be explained in terms of... > ACSSU151
  • Year 9 > Science Understanding > Chemical Sciences > Chemical reactions involve rearranging atoms to form new substances; during a... > ACSSU178
Image of an atom
Publication Date: 07 April 2014

This Scootle website gives students the opportunity to examine how evidence was collated to eventually suggest the current model of the atom.

Type of Resources: Interactive/Simulation
Australian Curriculum:
  • Year 9 > Science Understanding > Chemical Sciences > All matter is made of atoms which are composed of protons, neutrons and... > ACSSU177
  • Year 9 > Science as a Human Endeavour > Nature and development of science > Advances in scientific understanding often rely on technological advances and... > ACSHE158