Exploring atoms - atom bingo

This online resource helps consolidate student's understanding of atomic structure through a bingo-like game.

The game involves building atoms from their sub-atomic components, including filling in the electron shells.

They can play individually or against each other (on different computers) to construct specific atoms in order to be the first to reach BINGO!

The repetition of building the atoms' structure is designed to consolidate the student's understanding of the structure of an atom and the differences between the atoms of different elements.

The Elements: Elements and compounds assessment

This online resource is an assessment item to identify compounds and elements.

The resource tests a student’s ability to identify compounds and elements and their properties through the use of an activity that deconstructs common materials found in the real world.

At the end of the assessment, a report is created that can be printed and handed to a teacher.

Making water drinkable: Colloids

This online resource deals with the removal of colloids in drinking water.

In this online interactive learning object, students examine colloidal suspensions and how they affect water quality.

Students examine a range of colloids such as sols, aerosols, gels, foams and emulsions and have opportunities to participate in a variety of activities including a ‘To Do’ hands-on activity. 

This resource is part of a series to do with the water cycle and water quality issues.

Essential energy - PrimaryConnections

This resource provides students with opportunities to explore the concept of energy, including renewable energy sources such as the Sun, wind and water. Students will conduct investigations to determine factors that affect the output of a simple battery and participate in hands-on activities to consolidate their understanding and to improve the efficiency of a waterwheel. Students explore how scientific endeavours in relation to the development of sustainable energy sources are used to make changes in the world. 


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