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Lab space for primary school

Submitted by sat on 21 July 2016

It is important to have a workable space which includes adequate storage to enable hands on learning. Therefore we suggest that the following are considered:

It is difficult to find a single resource to address all your questions. We provide the following links to resources which contain general design information which may be helpful:

CLEAPSS. 2009. Guide G14 Designing and Planning Laboratories, CLEAPSS website, (Link updated June 2019)

Motz, laMoine L; Biehle, James T and West, Sandra S. 2007. NSTA Guide to Planning School Science Facilities. 2nd Edition. (Link updated March 2019)

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Additional Science Design resources

This webpage has several useful resources mainly for the secondary school: ‘Lab design’, ASE website, (Accessed July 2016)

Case studies of general school design: Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood. 2008. '2. Stages and Spaces' pp. 20–46 in Victorian School Design, Infrastructure Division: Melbourne. DET website,