Lab space for primary school

Lab space for primary school: Could you provide information regarding establishing a science area for a primary school? We've recently won a grant to refurbish the school, part of which includes the construction of a multi-purpose building.

Currently, the building is composed of 3 spaces, about 70m2 each, separated by folding doors that can be opened up to create a larger space. One space will have a wet lab, which we're now thinking will be a combined wet and dry lab. Plans for the other two spaces is digital tech and Indonesian. I want to have some information to contribute at meetings regarding the functionality and safety of the lab space.

I'd like a space that engages kids in science, but also needs to be functional with workable storage and room for displays. I would definitely like to darken the room adequately for teaching Earth and Space science etc. Walls are all half walls, with glass for the top half kept clear (no displays) in order to allow other students, teachers, visitors to view lessons in progress.

Could you make comments on space efficient storage and having benches that can be wheeled back and forth, to maximise space when not in use; under-bench storage; bookshelves to display books; a bench for displaying specimens and artifacts, or things related to the current learning, a touch table set-up. Also what chemicals are allowed in a primary school? I would appreciate any advice you can give me that I can then take to future meetings.

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Publication Date: 13 July 2016
Asked By: Dina
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