START HERE! 1: TEACHER SUPPORT 2: IMPLEMENTATION 3: DIGITAL CONTENT 4: EXCURSIONS/INCURSIONS • Teacher background notes • Planning ahead andequipment list • Teaching and learning plan(including safety notes) • Engineering design • Properties matrix • Answers • Video • Investigations    EGG BUNGEE JUMP LEARNING INTENTIONS Science Understanding / Chemical sciences / Year 4 In this investigation, the properties of materials are investigated in the context of modelling a bungee jump by an egg. There is an emphasis on linking the physical properties of materials to their use in order to solve a real-world problem. Learning Intentions Students will be able to: • identify that objects are made of materials; • understand that materials have properties; • identify the physical properties of some common materials; • understand that the properties of a material can change if the material is changed; • select materials for uses based on their properties; • follow instructions to identify investigable questions about familiar contexts and predict likely outcomes from investigations; • make accurate observations; • record and represent observations; • use tables to organise their observations; • identify patterns from observations; • draw conclusions based on evidence. How to use a CLE The Science ASSIST project is supported by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training through the Mathematics and Science Participation Program.