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Chemistry Experiment

Chemistry Experiment: Is there an organic practical that uses two of reflux, distillation and liquid-liquid extraction that does not require a fume hood? The most common practical is esterification, but as I understand it that needs a fume hood and probably a water bath, and at present I don't have access to either. Or can I do it without those since it is under reflux? 

Learn Chemistry - Problem Based Practical Activities

This online resource is a collection of 10 chemistry practical-related activities for students aged 16–18 yrs designed to develop their practical and independent study skills.

The activities follow a problem-based approach to laboratory instruction, in which the students must work in groups to apply their understanding of a concept to devise a solution to a practical problem set in a real-life context.

Determining empirical formula

Determining empirical formula: Is it safe to heat copper sulfate powder as an alternative to Barium chloride to determine empirical formula? CLEAPSS tells me not to heat to dryness as decomposition produces toxic and corrosive fumes. What are they? Is it still ok to heat Barium chloride?

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