START HERE! 1: TEACHER SUPPORT 2: IMPLEMENTATION 3: DIGITAL CONTENT 4: EXCURSIONS/INCURSIONS • Teacher background notes • Planning ahead andequipment list • Teaching and learning plan(including safety notes) • Videos • Websites • Units of work • Interactive digitalresources         BIODIVERSITY  STUDY LEARNING INTENTIONS Science Understanding / Biological Sciences / Year 6 In this investigation, how the physical conditions of an environment affect the growth and survival of living things and biodiversity of the environment are investigated in the context of a comparative study of two local sites within a school. Learning Intentions Students will be able to: • identify a range of habitats • make predictions about biodiversity of habitats in their local area/school grounds • measure the physical factors of a habitat • collect and record data from a habitat • construct representations of a habitat • analyse findings from data collection • infer how the physical factors of a habitat affect the survival of the living things within that habitat (cause-and-effect relationships) • make conclusions about the health of a habitat • communicate their ideas and findings using scientific language and representations. How to use a CLE The Science ASSIST project is supported by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training through the Mathematics and Science Participation Program.