START HERE! 1: TEACHER SUPPORT 2: IMPLEMENTATION 3: DIGITAL CONTENT 4: EXCURSIONS/INCURSIONS • Teacher background notes • Planning ahead andequipment list • Teaching and learning plan(including safety notes) • Investigation 1 • Investigation 2 • Units of Work • Texts • Interactives • Information for teachers       AIR IN CHIP PACKETS LEARNING INTENTIONS Science Understanding / Chemicalsciences / Year 5 In this investigation, students explore the properties of gases and liquids. They will follow instructions to predict the effect of changing a variable when planning an investigation. They will use equipment in safe ways and improve the accuracy of their results. Students will construct a table to organise data. They will compare their data with their predictions and describe the fairness of the investigation. Learning Intentions Students will be able to: • suggest explanations for the observed properties of gases; • identify when science is used to ask questions and make predictions; • discuss ways to conduct investigations and safely use equipment to make and record observations; • use tables to organise their data and identify patterns in data; • suggest explanations for observations and compare their findings with their predictions; • suggest reasons why their methods were fair or not; and • complete simple reports to communicate their methods and findings. How to use a CLE The Science ASSIST project is supported by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training through the Mathematics and Science Participation Program.