Acceleration due to gravity

Gravity video

This online resource is a short video about the effect of gravity on two objects of different mass from the ABC television show Catalyst

The video shows interviews with various people who are shown a 5kg medicine ball and an ordinary basketball of the same size, but much lighter. They are asked which one will hit the ground first when dropped at the same time.

Leaning tower video – gravity investigation with air resistance

This online resource is a short video about the gravity tower at Gingin near Perth.

The video, from the ABC television show Catalyst, shows several objects being dropped from the 45 m high tower and their acceleration due to gravity is compared.

It also demonstrates that an object with a chain attached, like a bungee cord, can actually accelerate faster than gravity.

This is then compared to the cracking of a whip where the whipping motion accelerates the end of the whip to a speed faster than the speed of sound.

Acceleration due to gravity

A downloadable resource in which students determine a value for gravitational acceleration.

This downloadable resource is a worksheet for a practical activity where students determine a value for the acceleration due to gravity and then compare it to 9.8 ms-2.

Students drop a ball from a height and measure the distance covered and time taken.

The worksheet details the necessary calculations.

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