Connected Learning Experience

CLE: 'What is a Connected Learning Experience (CLE)' video

This video describes what a Connected Learning Experience is.

Kate Dilger, Science ASSIST Teacher Support Officer, explains what a Connected Learning Experience is, outlines its components and describes how to 'unpack' one.

This video is an excerpt from Kate's workshop 'Science ASSIST - A STEM based approach to investigating in science' delivered at CONASTA 65 in Brisbane July 2016.

CLE: 'Maths in the Penguin Project' CLE video

This online resource addresses some of the mathematics involved our CLEs.

The resource is a video where Adrian Dilger, Numeracy Consultant at the Catholic Education Office SA, identifies the links to the Australian Curriculum: Maths in the following CLEs: Weather watch (yr F), Sound and hearing (yr 1), The Penguin Project (yr 3), Magnetism and electrostatics (yr 4) and Biodiversity study (yr6).

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