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Pressure cookers

Pressure cookers:  I have read the SOP on preparing agar plates.  Is it recommended to have the circular pressure gauge that has a series of numbers showing you the pressure as it goes up, or is it okay to use a good model Hawkins/Tefal etc. that has the ordinary pressure regulator on top.  One of the models I have seen reaches 170° C.

I am looking to upgrade what is in stock at a school that only takes 100 ml conical flasks and looks like there is no pressure seal and cannot find a manual specific for the iSA pressure cooker.

Learn Chemistry - Problem Based Practical Activities

This online resource is a collection of 10 chemistry practical-related activities for students aged 16–18 yrs designed to develop their practical and independent study skills.

The activities follow a problem-based approach to laboratory instruction, in which the students must work in groups to apply their understanding of a concept to devise a solution to a practical problem set in a real-life context.

SOP: Diluting concentrated hydrochloric acid

Updated November 2016

This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which gives a detailed method for how to dilute concentrated hydrochloric acid.

The accompanying example risk assessment should be used as a guide only. Users should also consider the risks and safety measures in their local environment before proceeding.


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