WLNA and WLDA Agar plates

WLNA and WLDA Agar plates: One of our Science teachers has asked for these specific agar plates that are used for culturing microorganisms associated with brewing and fermentation. He is going to use these agars to test cider batches. WLNA Agar is used to culture yeasts and WLDA Agar to culture bacteria. Are WLNA and WLDA Agar allowed to be used in schools?

Microbiology during COVID-19

Microbiology during COVID-19: Are there any additional precautions that should be taken? Science ASSIST has received a few questions on this topic, so we are combining them into one Q&A:

Q1 Should we be getting our students to wear surgical masks, protective eyewear and gloves when using microscopes to view microbes? The microbes relate to the year 12 NESA syllabus for testing microbes in food and water.

GUIDELINES for best practice for microbiology in Australian schools

Safety issues are a significant consideration in the teaching of microbiology as the subject is practical-based and there is potential for exposure to infectious organisms. It is the strict observance of correct procedures, which enables staff and students to work safely.

These guidelines outline the underpinning knowledge and laboratory techniques required for schools to successfully prepare, deliver and disassemble microbiology practical activities.

looking at decomposers -Micro biology experiment

looking at decomposers -Micro biology experiment: This micro biology experiment looks at fungi and bacteria on grass. With the Biological controls ACT and the concerns of late about cultivation unknowns bacteria on agar plates from swabbing surface in a PC1 LAB in a school environment I wondering if this decomposers experiment should be conducted?

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