Science drug lab equipment?

Science drug lab equipment: Apparently school laboratories need a list, by item and quantity, of anything that could be targeted by a 'drug lab' break in. Where can I find a list of items that I may have in the school, that could be targeted? Or any other information.

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Publication Date: 20 July 2015
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science drug lab equipment?

This may be an individual requirement for your school, as we are not aware of any widespread requirement for this.

We recently posted an ASSIST Information Sheet (AIS) titled AIS: School science area security that may be helpful, as it covers a range of items that require consideration when assessing the security needs of the school science area.

Information regarding chemicals (and other items) stored at schools considered desirable for the illegal drug manufacturing area can be found in the Code of Practice for Supply Diversion into Illicit Drug Manufacture. It includes a “Self-assessment” checklist for the security of relevant items. Measures include controlling physical access, limiting access to relevant staff and maintaining regular checks of stock levels.

Another related link regarding clandestine laboratories, which has some useful information including contact details for law enforcement agencies is

Each school governing body needs to assess its own specific circumstances regarding the developing of its policies regarding security of the science area.

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