Banned chemicals/materials list NSW & ACT

Banned chemicals/materials list NSW & ACT: Hi there, I have heard that schools in NSW & ACT have updated their list of banned chemicals and materials for use in Science. Is anyone able to please supply me with a copy of this list? Thanks.

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Publication Date: 19 November 2015
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Banned chemicals/materials list NSW & ACT

NSW: The NSW Department of Education has produced a Banned Chemicals list as part of their Chemical Safety in Schools Package (CSIS), which is available online (DoE intranet) to all staff in all government schools in NSW.  The CSIS package is currently under review and this revision is anticipated to be finalised by early 2016. The information available online is the most up to date. Access in the past was available to Catholic and Independent schools via a licence agreement. You are advised to contact the NSW Department of Education for further information regarding current access.

ACT: The ACT Education and Training Directorate are currently reviewing their Risk Management in ACT Secondary Science Programs. Schools currently have access to Chemwatch for information on hazardous substances, SDS etc.

Until now, there has been no nationally agreed list of recommended chemicals for use in science teaching and learning, with significant variations existing between the practices and local policies of the states, territories and educational jurisdictions. In order to remove the duplication and variation that exists, Science ASSIST has developed a List of recommended chemicals for use in science in Australian schools. The list addresses the years of schooling F–12, and covers safety and security information and assigns a User Group for each chemical. The list is not intended as a prescribed stock list, but rather as a reference list of chemicals which Science ASSIST has determined are suitable for use in schools and appropriate for modern school science teaching practices.  The list is an evolving document and is updated in response to feedback, changes to safety data and changes to practices in school science. It is available for download as an Excel file. See List of recommended chemicals for science in Australian schools.

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