Chemical User Codes

Chemical User Codes: Hi, I have noticed that some of your user codes are different to the CSIS Folder. Do I use your user codes or CSIS codes?  Which is correct?

Thank you for your help.

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Publication Date: 18 May 2016
Asked By: jpleash
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Chemical User Codes

The user codes that Science ASSIST have applied to chemicals in the List of recommended chemicals for science in Australian schools have been assigned independently of the CSIS codes, taking into consideration hazards of the chemicals and curriculum requirements. Many times, you will find that they are the same as in the CSIS.

  • If your school is a NSW Department of Education school: you are required to follow the information in the CSIS package, as it is an established school policy.
  • If your school is not a NSW Department of Education school: you need to follow the policies of your school sector.

The decision to use any chemical should always be based upon a local or site-specific risk assessment, which takes into consideration school facilities, staff training and student behaviour.

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