looking at decomposers -Micro biology experiment

looking at decomposers -Micro biology experiment: This micro biology experiment looks at fungi and bacteria on grass.  With  the Biological controls ACT and the concerns of late about cultivation unknowns bacteria on agar plates from swabbing surface in a PC1 LAB  in a school environment I wondering if this decomposers experiment should be conducted? 

I would be collecting samples from the school grounds and the possible fungi spore that would be in the grass samples are Stinkhorns, Cyanthus  Striatus, Leratiomyces ceres and chlorophyllum molybdites these are very common fungi in the school grounds.  But for the bacteria this is harder to say. Other than the common grass bacillus we have been know to have Melioidosis in the soil in Cairns  BUT in saying this not to our knowledge in the school soil. Also we have cane fields close to the school i was wondering if I should be concerned about the possible of rat urine on the grass and therefore possibility of  Lymphocytic choriomeningitis. it is common here from handling sugar cane during harvest time which it is now. The rats leave the field so the oval area could be affected  

The experiment requires to wipe non sterilized grass cutting of agar plates and sterilized grass cutting over agar plates and incubate for 24hrs at 37C

So give this I am wondering if my concerns are justified. Could you please look into this and give me some safety guidelines please?

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Publication Date: 03 June 2016
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