Ammonium thiocyanate

Ammonium thiocyanate: Ammonium thiocyanate is becoming a liquid too fast. I kept it away from the light, but still had no results, and have also bought new jar recently.

Hence, I would like to ask for any other solutions to keep it dry, I thought about suing a desiccator but am not sure. Thanks.

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Publication Date: 22 August 2016
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Ammonium thiocyanate

You are correct that ammonium thiocyanate is hygroscopic and deliquescent, which means that it absorbs water from the air and dissolves in the water to become a liquid. We recommend that your school store your new bottle in a desiccator, ensuring that no incompatible chemicals are stored in the desiccator along with it.

Hygroscopic solids can be protected from moisture in the air by storage in a desiccator along with a desiccant. There is quite a range of substances which can be used as desiccants, however, taking into consideration safety, availability and ease of handling, we recommend silica gel. Silica gel is available as self-indicating, which means that it will change colour with the absorption of water. Silica gel can also be regenerated by drying in an oven at 105–120° C for 2–3 hours.

It is also important to protect ammonium thiocyanate against the light, as you are aware. It usually comes in a light-resistant container and your chemical store should not have direct sunlight entering, both of which would minimise the exposure to light.

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'Ammonium thiocyanate', Safety Data Sheet, Chem-Supply website, (February 2014)

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