Disposable nitrile gloves

Disposable nitrile gloves: How chemical-resistant are disposable nitrile gloves? Are they only resistant to certain classes of chemicals and up to certain concentrations?

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Publication Date: 14 February 2018
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Disposable nitrile gloves

The chemical resistance does depend upon the chemical and its concentration.

You can find information regarding gloves in the Science ASSIST Chemical Management Handbook for Australian Schools - Edition 1

  • page ii has some general information under “Glove selection”
  • page vii there are some links to Glove selection guides
  • on each chemical summary page under Safe Handling there are recommendations for the type of glove that should be used for each chemical.
on 11 April 2018

Regardless of the suitability of the disposable nitrile gloves, I find they are not suitable for our job as they are not long enough. They do not protect your wrist area. Invest in the reusable longer cuff gloves. The longer the better.

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