Laboratory technician office location

Laboratory technician office location: Should a laboratory technician’s office space be in the preparation room? Common sense suggests that such a placement is inappropriate on OH&S grounds as the preparation room is a work area with well-defined potential hazards. Could you point me to some documentation regarding this?

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Publication Date: 16 February 2018
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Answer by labsupport on question Laboratory technician office location

You are correct! It is best practice for a laboratory technician’s office to be located separate from but located near the preparation laboratory.

We have answered a similar question on this topic: see Lab Tech office space requirements

Configuring the workspaces and floor plans is an important aspect of designing a secondary school science area.  We have some information on this topic in our  to GUIDELINES for the design and planning of secondary school science facilities in Australian schools In particular see 3.2 Staff office areas on page 16.

Answer by J Rewell on question Laboratory technician office location

Most departments I have worked in have a desk area located at one end of the preparation area, separate to the work benches, although not separated by a physical barrier. I am happy to work in this set up so long as it is a large space to allow room for the desk area to be well removed from the preparation benches.  Also, that all chemicals are stored in a separate ventilated chemical storage room, with no chemicals stored in the preparation area. This way the desk area can be maintained as a clean work space. I have worked in old fashion departments where the preparation benches and chemical storage were all in the same room.  Although all chemicals were contained in the appropriate cabinets, I maintained a firm requirement for a separate office with a work desk. Experienced Head of Dept's  do need to look after the welfare of less experienced lab technicians, as on a number of occasions I have observed technicians working all day in a small lab that is effectively the prep area as well as the storeroom for chemicals and biological agents. Many new labtechs are not aware that this is an unsafe practice. 




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